Premises Liability

Siemion Huckabay has a long history of defending premises owners or lessors in lawsuits involving injuries due to allegedly dangerous conditions of the premises. Our attorneys represent businesses, home owners and other property owners or lessors.

Although the most common premises liability case involves a "slip and fall" or "trip and fall" accident, these are by no means the only type of premises liability action handled by our attorneys. Premises liability lawsuits may stem from any kind of unsafe or dangerous conditions on the premises. Cases handled by our attorneys include injuries allegedly caused by serving liquor to minors, toxic chemical exposure, toxic mold, inadequate or inoperative lighting, improperly maintained equipment, improperly maintained furniture, overgrown or uncontrolled landscaping, fallen trees or limbs, dog bites, open holes on the property, broken stairs, unmarked step downs, sticky or slippery substances on the ground, and other allegedly dangerous conditions of the premises. Regardless of the specific allegations, our attorneys have the experience and skill to investigate, evaluate and defend cases of premises liability. As in other areas of law, we have been instrumental in establishing favorable case law for defendants. Most notably, we successfully defended the case of Novotney v Burger King Corp., 198 Mich. App. 470 (1993), which has been repeatedly cited by Michigan courts as support for the "open and obvious danger" defense against premises liability actions.

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